Turtle Dove Ornaments

turtle dove ornaments
Click 'Doves Of Friendship' turtle dove ornaments to enlarge

These two hanging turtle doves represent and celebrate a special friendship. The porcelain doves symbolise an unbreakable bond, peace and love. With one for you and one for a special someone. They can hang beautifully on your Christmas tree or make for a lovely favour at Christmas dinner celebrations a wedding or anniversary celebration.


'Doves Of Friendship' Porcelain Ceramic Decorations

  • a pair of handmade white porcelain hanging turtle doves
  • measures 6cm x 10cm (2.4" x 4")
  • high fired unglazed with lace impression
  • ribbon included


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-2 weeks1

Each dove will differ in texture and pattern from the ones shown making each one unique. Each one is rolled out by hand and cut out of scrap bits of clay that are used to make larger pieces. The pieces are hand rolled using my favourite rolling pin to create a handmade country meets vintage classic.