Cath Ball - My Story

cath ball porcelain stitched ceramics

I regularly get asked how I got into doing what I do and I never really know where to start when answering. If I was to go right back to the beginning I would say I have always been creative and always been interested in arts, crafts and making. I have enjoyed being able to say 'I made that ' from a very young age. It gave me confidence and a sense of pride that no other subject did.



School wasn't great for me if I am totally honest, yes i enjoyed the creative subjects like art, drama and woodwork but the thought of going onto college or higher education didn't appeal to me. Until my art teacher pulled me to one side one day and said I should look into it. Thank you Mr Robinson.

And I did. I went on to study Art and Design for three years at my local art college in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and from there I went on to study a BA in Contemporary Applied Arts in Cumbria. At university I specialised in ceramics and embroidery. After visiting an exhibition called 'Art Of The Stitch' I longed to find a way to successfully combine the two disciplines of stitch and clay.

After Graduating in 2004 I worked full time at Wetheriggs Country Pottery. Here I worked alongside a community of other potters and designer makers and decided to set out as a designer maker/potter myself. I have built up my business over the years selling at local events such as Potfest in the Pens, Made in Brighton and the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.


I work from my studio attached to my house in the small village of Thursby, 6 miles outside of the Great Border City of Carlisle. I work only with porcelain as I like the fine quality and textures I can create. I enjoy using a variety of techniques such as slip casting and throwing but my main method at the moment is hand building using slabs I roll out by hand.