Pretty Small Porcelain Lace Bud Vase

small porcelain bud vase dipped glaze lace imprint detail white brown aqua blue

Having inherited a lovely cottage garden I found I needed a small single vase to display the broken but still alive flowers so I could enjoy them in my home. My bud vases were originally designed to put wild flowers, a rose or single daffodil in but any small stem flower looks great.


Small handmade porcelain bud vase decorated with an impressed lace texture giving the feel of lace it self when left with an unglazed surface. Glazed inside with a clean clear glaze makes it water tight and easy to clean. The outside lace surface can be glazed with my signature glazes blue/aqua green, brown or left white unglazed. Each vase is unique so yours will be similar, but not identical to the ones here.

Small Porcelain Lace Bud Vase

- small hand build hand rolled porcelain bud vase with impressed lace detail

- approx. 11cm high 3.5cm diameter (4.3" x 1.4")

- glazed interior

- 3 colour options

- every vase unique



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