White Porcelain Lace Imprint Stud Earrings

white porcelain lace ladies stud ceramic jewellery earrings

Women's handmade porcelain stud earring with a delicate lace imprinted pattern. Vintage with a contemporary twist. Hand painted in a fresh clear glaze. Light to wear with a sterling silver stud fastening. I wanting to make work that was wearable and these delicate earrings seemed the natural progression. I make these by selecting interesting textures within the lace patterns I roll out into the clay. I cut out each piece by hand making each pair different in size and shape and each one unique and a one off pair of earrings.

White Porcelain Lace Stud Earrings

  • porcelain lace imprint earrings 
  • approx 1cm diameter
  • silver stud fittings
  • clear glaze
  • comes in presentation box with ribbon


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  • Ships within 1-3 days1