Porcelain Lace Imprint Triangle Stud Earrings

porcelain lace triangle ladies stud aqua blue ceramic jewellery earrings

Hand made Porcelain stud earrings with lace impressed detail giving them a unique texture. Glazed in aqua blue. Vintage style with a contemporary twist. I make these by selecting interesting textures within the lace patterns I roll out into the clay. I cut out each piece by hand making each pair different in size and shape and each one unique and a one off pair of earrings. The glaze colour will very due to the nature it is made so please check out each listing for your preferred choice.

Porcelain Lace Triangle Stud Earrings

  • porcelain lace imprint earrings 
  • approx. 1.5cm x 1.5cm
  • silver stud fittings
  • light blue glaze
  • come in presentation box with ribbon


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  • Ships within 2-3 weeks1